Dayna Fisk-Williams

My weavings are two strikingly different styles. I create New Mexico Rio Grande rugs and Japanese Saori style textiles and both are a direct result of living in two very special places.

First, I learned the art of weaving Rio Grande rugs at the traditional Tierra Wools weaving center just down the road from our home, and nestled in the beautiful Chama Valley. I use local, hand-dyed Churro wool and original style walking looms to create my rugs and wall hangings. My designs are often colorful and contemporary, but the Rio Grande style is carried through.

The fabric I weave is Japanese Saori style, merged with traditional sakiori weaving from Japan. While living in Japan I was drawn to the eye-catching textiles. Their stunning use of color and subtle, yet complex designs are reflected in my woven fabric. I design and make simple, unique garments that are often based on the principles of origami. All a result of living in this mysterious land.