Maria mcgrane and Rick allen

I started making fused glass three years ago when a work assignment took me to Portland Oregon for three months. While there I had the opportunity to take a beginning class at the Bullseye Resource Center. I was hooked!
I love working with the vibrant colors, shapes and seemingly endless techniques available to transform glass into artistic creations, functional decorative pieces or jewelry.
My husband Rick joined in on the fun by making metal stands for my work and has also started making his own glass creations.
Every time a piece goes into the kiln to fuse at temperatures up to 1500 degrees F. there are feelings of anticipation and excitement. The final outcome of how the piece will emerge from the kiln 18-24 hours later is always a mystery! I often feel I am giving the glass an opportunity to make itself, to speak with its own voice.
Our wish is for you to enjoy our art and find inspiration in the creative process. We welcome your comments on our contact page.

Maria and Rick